I woke up today, the 5/4/15 and recorded this song. I have been working on the song for a few days. Today was the first sunny day of the year after a long cold winter, not a breeze in the air or cloud in the sky. So I had to call the track after this day “Nice Day”. I plan to recored this track with the lads on the next album and  I’m thinking I may write some lyrics :)

This recording was the first take I did. Hope you enjoy it.

This song is protected under international copyright law and is currently self-published & is available for licensing.

If you are interested in using any of Greg’s music for any purpose you can contact him at: greglloydmusic@gmail.com OR leave a PM for Greg at this website in Contact page.


loving the Beautiful new tune ‘Nice Day’ Greg!

Thanks N, Glad you like it :)

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