I was lucky to of spent 8 months with many Algerian masters in Algiers in 2006 and again in 2008 working on set for the film ‘El Gusto’ I composed/arranged/orchestrated a lot of the music for the Film and Tour in which the music was performed at: The Berlin Jazz Festival, Barbican (UK) and Bercy (Paris).

For this arrangement¬† I used two well known “chaabi” melodies from Northern Africa both written by Mohamed El Hadj Al Anka the “Charlie Parker” of Algerian Chaabi to create a “Chaabi Cocktail”¬† I wanted to add in a bit of my Jazz/Blues background. To do this I added in some harmony – some chords – under the melody and a piano solo completely improvised in the middle from those chords.

I thank all the musicians I worked with in Algiers for sharing the beautiful genre known as “chaabi” with me.


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