This tune written a few years back now and was inspired by the Manly Ferry where I grew up in Sydney, Australia. There is a ferry ride that takes half an hour from Manly to Circular Quay to the main Central Business District (CBD) area of Sydney. To me, this is one of the worlds most beautiful and inspiring ferry rides! Probably I am a little one sided :) What I like about it the most was when the boat turned right around Bradleys Head and opened up the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and the Skyline of the city. This always took my breath away. Made me very happy.

I wrote this tune with all these memories of traveling on this ferry from young age and the feelings the trip always surprised me with. Every time I take this ferry it rewards me with different memories :)  I later called this tune ‘Danny’ after a friend, composer and Saxophone player named Danny Egger who is not with us anymore. This track is for Dan…the man!



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