This video to me is a very special video. I know it’s recorded on my Canon 650 with no mixing or editing with only the camera microphone trying very hard to find, filter, understand the lush sounds but I still feel the video captures a very special lady doing a very special performance. Susan Gai Dowling… a vocalist based in Sydney, Australia. To me, one of the best vocalist of all time!

I had never heard of “I Don’t Want To Cry Anymore” till Susan pulled it out and showed me and what a cracker it is! Written by Victor Schertzinger.

The gig was performed at the Foundry 616 in Sydney on the 19/8/15. This was my first Sydney gig under my own name in 15 years! The night was enhanced with the wondering playing of Dave Groves (bass) & Cameron Reid (drums). No rehearsal and in…Thanks guys!

Hope you enjoy the track.


Greg Lloyd.


I just have to share this. It’s divine.

Thanks Larry! Glad you enjoyed it :) Greg

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