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This track is 2 Algerian melodies arranged/written by myself after spending a year in Algiers working and discovering Andalusion/Chaabi music with the masters for the film ‘El Gusto’. I combined my Jazz influence with this Casbah groove.

I had an amazing opportunity to spend over a year with the Algerian masters in Algiers, working and learning about Andalusian and ‘Chaabi’ music. This ‘popular’ underground music of the city was recently documented in the film ‘El Gusto’ for which I arranged, orchestrated and composed some of the music. Learning from the Chaabi masters has had a profound effect on me and I want to help share this beautiful music.

This track combines 2 Algerian melodies 1. Sobhan Allah Ya Latif – melody by El Anka, words by Mustapha Toumi & 2. Hamdou Lif Allah Mabkash Istiaamar Fi Bledna – words and music by El Anka.

I arranged these 2 melodies with no vocal from the musical steps that the musicians shared with me. I added some of my own jazz influence by adding chords, a bass line, some improvisation and some original material of my own. I hope I have given it justice.


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