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This song is taken from the critically acclaimed debut album by the Greg Lloyd Group ‘Long Way Home’
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I wrote this song back in 2009. It was one of those songs that seem to write itself. I played a Bmin triad and it just happened, it rarely happens like that :)  As a jazz pianist I always love to thicken up the chords with extensions and as many notes as I can. For this song though I have stripped it back to basics. I went back to the triad.  Phillip Glass has always been a huge influence to me, I love the minimalist thing in music and art. This version of ‘A Night Away’ is me improvising on the melody in a minimal way.. I hope you enjoy it :)

This song is protected under international copyright law and is currently self-published & is available for licensing. All rights are reserved.
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P.S. To get the best from this recording…put on some headphones :)

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